Nuby | Support Pod | Infant Feeding Support Pillow

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  • 0m+ Feeding: Our Support Pod helps hold your little one in a comfortable, natural feeding position; It is great for nursing mothers, but also ideal for other family members when bottle-feeding the baby
  • 3m+ Propping: Perfectly prop your baby in a comfy lounging position; As baby lounges, parents can coo and kiss sweet little cheeks, hands, and feet, or sit back and watch as their little one takes in the world around them
  • 6m+ Tummy: Tummy time is important in strengthening your baby’s neck, arms, and chest; When properly positioned, the Support Pod lifts the upper part of baby’s body, encouraging them to lift their head
  • 9m+ Sitting: When your little one can roll over and lift their head, they’re ready to try sitting up; The Support Pod assists your baby as they learn to sit independently
  • Easy cleaning: The Support Pod and its removable cover are both machine washable; Just another way Dr. Talbot’s helps make parenthood a little easier
  • Design: Convenient, removable cover lets parents easily clean up any “oopsies” Multiple pattern designs make it effortless to match nursery décor