BOOBIE | Boobie Bar | Blueberry Muffin

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Milk to the Max™ lactation bars are the most convenient way to support a healthy milk supply*. 

Packed with 6 powerful, milk-boosting superfoods to replace messy teas and hard-to-swallow pills, all in these delicious breastfeeding bars. Packed with natural ingredients such as flax seed, oat flour and coconut oil, these bars make for the perfect lactation treats.

  •  #1 Selling Lactation Bar
    • Boobie Bar was the first-to-market lactation bar in 2015 and continues to be the #1 Selling Lactation Bar


  • No more pills to swallow, No more teas to brew!™
    • Just one delicious bar a day (or more) replaces messy teas and hard-to-swallow pills


  • 6 Organic Superfoods that keep the milk a flowin’
    • Organic Moringa Leaf, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Shatavari Root, Organic Turmeric, Flaxseed, Whole Grain Oats