Chasing Dreams | Written by Kobi Yamada | Book

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Your dreams are counting on you. Your future is asking you to believe, to be brave, to make it happen. The most important part of realizing a dream will always be the dreamer."

What do you dream of? And how are you going after it?

When we reach for a dream, it reaches back for us. Dreams have a magical way of creating opportunities, stretching horizons, and giving us a glimpse into our vast potential. The words in this adorable all-ages picture book are here to awaken the dreamer in you.

New York Times bestselling author Kobi Yamada and renowned illustrator Charles Santoso have created a beautiful celebration of our unlimited potential. A follow-up to the bestsellers Finding Muchness and Feeling Grateful, this third addition to the beloved book series offers timeless nuggets of wisdom about risking failure to chase all we hope for. Featuring sweet, meticulous illustrations of an adventurous raccoon, with cameos by the bear cub and duckling duo from the companion books, each page is filled with encouragement to fight for what we want and build a life we love.


Perfect for ages 99 and under, the magical simplicity of this book will inspire readers of all ages to embrace bold thinking, set goals, overcome obstacles, and take on new challenges.


The playful, expressive pencil drawings of a loveable raccoon bring bigheartedness to each page.


Share these empowering sentiments with a friend starting a new project, a graduate ready to take on the next adventure, a loved one starting a new job, or a coworker who is transitioning to a new position.