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Frida Kahlo is famous for her self-portraits full of bright colors, bold patterns, and unique symbols. Though she endured physical and emotional pain throughout her life, her work embraces passion, joy, and creativity. Her paintings have inspired generations of artists to pick up a paintbrush and share their talents with the world. Now, it’s time to encourage a young artist you know to get creative. She’ll customize three Frida Kahlo-inspired decal stickers with bright and bold paint colors. Or paint whatever her heart desires on a blank decal for a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art. Once they’re dry, she’ll attach her favorite decal to the mirror and reflect on her new masterpiece, a signal to always be herself. Everything needed to create a personalized handheld mirror is inside.


Each mirror painting kit contains:

1 Handheld Mirror

3 Frida Kahlo Decal Stickers

3 Blank Decal Stickers

3 Paint Brushes

6 Acrylic Paints in Bright Colors