Goodbye Diapers, Hello Underwear BOOK | AMANDA MINUK

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Prepare your toddler for potty training success with Goodbye Diapers... Hello Underwear.


This cute picture book help guide children through the sometimes difficult transition from diapers to potty- starting with a special farewell to their diapers.


Goodbye Diapers is a valuable resource for parents and caregivers. The book helps start the conversation about bodily cues, introduces boys and girls to age-appropriate potty related vocabulary and instills healthy habits like flushing and hand washing. Goodbye Diapers combines the seriousness of potty training with a playful approach, making it a fun and enjoyable read for kids.


In addition to mastering the basics of using the potty, Goodbye Diapers adds another element of fun and education with its inclusion of multiple languages and various ways to say goodbye. As an added treat for parents, the book even features a page that teaches the useful phrase "where is the bathroom" in different languages, making it a must-keep resource for your travel adventures!