Hello & Bonjour Canada Fun Facts About Canada Book | Amanda MINUK

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Learn All About the Wonders of Canada!

Hello & Bonjour Canada is a delightful and interactive children’s book that makes learning about Canada an exciting adventure. Whether you're a Canadian kid, new to Canada, visiting for the first time, or a Canadian expat raising your family abroad, this book is for you!

Explore Canada’s History

Hello & Bonjour Canada introduces kids to the wonders of Canada. From experiencing what it’s like to live and visit here to uncovering fascinating historical facts, everything is presented in easy-to-understand language and an engaging style.

Travel Coast to Coast to Coast!

Join us on a journey from coast to coast to coast (yes, there are three coasts!), visiting all the provinces to marvel at the country's diverse nature and beautiful landscapes through vibrant illustrations. Written and researched by a Canadian author, you’re sure to discover something even you didn’t know.

Packed with Fun Facts and Trivia!

With more than 70 fun facts and trivia, Hello & Bonjour Canada covers:

Canadian History:

  • What does the word "Canada" mean?
  • What was the country almost named?
  • When did Canada become a country?

Amazing Canadian Inventions:

  • Did you know that hockey is Canada’s official winter sport but wasn’t invented by Canadians? But basketball was!
  • What was the first hockey puck made of? (You’ll never guess!)

Exciting Canadian Cities and Culture:

Take a trip across the country from east to west and learn about every province and its cool history:

  • Discover "Canadian" foods
  • Learn how to pronounce Newfoundland (it’s not what you think!)
  • Find out where the oldest cities in Canada are located
  • Explore which province has red beaches
  • See where the world's biggest ocean tides are found
  • Visit the most photographed lighthouse in the world
  • Uncover how Mt. Tremblant and Whistler Mountain got their names
  • Discover the Polar Bear Capital of the World
  • Find out where you have to speak French!
  • Learn what the word “Nunavut,” the newest territory, means

And So Much More!!!

Also Learn How Canadians Talk!

Hello & Bonjour Canada includes a list of "Canadianisms"—words that only Canadians use like toonie, loonie, and toque!

Join us on this fun-filled journey and say “Hello & Bonjour” to Canada!