Hello Construction Book | Amanda MINUK

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Learn how to build a house with Hello Construction.


Hello Construction starts with an architect asking your little one to come help them build a house. The architect explains what you need to do to build a house from planning to framing and everything in between.


Children meet big machines, trucks and construction workers and says hello to them in different languages including French, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, Vietnamese, German, Swahili, Dutch, Bengali and Tagalog.


Kids will meet:

  • An Excavator
  • A Wrecking ball crane
  • A Bulldozer
  • A Backhoe
  • A Dump truck
  • A Cement truck
  • 3 White Vans
  • A Bucket truck
  • A Brick layer
  • An Inspector


Children will also learn about safety from wearing hard hats to having an inspector come to clear the house.


Hello Construction is told in easy to understand language and is fun to read out loud as it is told in rhyme!


This book is great for little ones who love trucks and all things construction.