Oli & Carol | Blues the Butterfly Teether

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Fly high, little butterfly! Blues the Butterfly is a mini teether for babies with an ergonomic design. Its raised spots and detailed textures make it very pleasing for little ones to soothe teething gums. 

Hanger-t-1_Mesa de trabajo 1.pngThis mini teether is easy to hang from a strap and chew it on the go! Take your chewy-to-go high & low! 

icon lief.pngDid you know that butterflies contribute to pollination by transporting pollen from flowers to different plants? They are essential to our environment because they are indicators of the healthiness of the ecosystems they inhabit!

By choosing this natural toy for babies, you are collaborating with the Butterfly Conservation organisation that fights for the preservation of butterflies. Did you know they help our planet with pollination & the flourishing of more flowers?