One More Book Before Bed | Written by M.H. Clark | Hardcover Book

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It's almost time for falling asleep. Here's one more book... will you read it with me? What was your favorite part of today? Will you share a bit about it... before we turn the page?"

More than a book, this is a bedtime ritual of comfort and connection. It's a quiet place for little ones to process the day and put it away. When parents or caregivers open the pages, they will be guided in creating a nighttime conversation that will settle young minds and bodies. The words will also walk readers through bedtime meditations for toddlers, helping kids focus on breathing, snuggling up, and feeling safe and loved before falling asleep.

Each page is an invitation to begin a brand-new conversation with a little one each night--whether you work through big emotions the day sparked or anxious feelings around bedtime. As a result, this book is never the same two nights in a row--it will change as the days change and grow as a child grows.

Gift this reassuring book to celebrate a birthday, a baby shower, a holiday, or to welcome the back-to-school season.