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At just 5 years old, a little girl named Izzy found out she needed a life-saving surgery. To support her through this challenging time, author Amanda Minuk wrote The Brave Girl and gave it to her before the surgery. The Brave Girl explores various situations that illustrate what it means to be brave and how kids around the world say "I am brave" in different languages.

The Brave Girl helps with everyday fears, like being afraid of the dark, but it also helps kids be brave in more challenging situations like the one Izzy faced. The Brave Girl reminds us all that it's okay (and normal) to feel scared when you're being brave.

Now, a few years later, Izzy is thriving, and the book continues to inspire kids around the world to be courageous.

Every book includes a certificate of bravery where children can write their names and join The Brave Girl Club. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated to Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital in honor of the original brave girl. Izzy’s message to all of us: Save a life and register to be a donor.